Founded in 1966, Solicel – Sociedade do Centro Industrial de Esteios de Lousa, Lda. – is a company whose main businesses are the extraction and processing of schist for ornamental purposes and the sale of vineyard props. Solicel has been granted, more than once, a special award for its worthy leadership and business – Small Business Excellence Award (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014) – by Portuguese public entity IAPMEI. Solicel aims to expand its trade nationwide and globally, by exporting stone to Spain, Andorra, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, USA and Italy, among other countries.


Solicel is a leader in its field (schist) and the company possesses equipment for extraction and processing, so to achieve the best quality. The company has developed new products, several endowed with CE markings. (NP EN 12058, NP EN 1469 and NPEN 1341).



The main objective is to consolidate Solicel’s presence on both the national and international markets linked to the production and commercialisation of natural stone, and to make of Solicel a dynamic and credible partner, as a part of a framework development of further actions and collaborations with stakeholders. The goal is to provide Xisto Foz Côa brand with an aura of sustainability and, moreover, for Solicel to prove its respect for the environment (pure natural state for Nature).



Solicel wants to grow within the frame of natural stone and, more specifically, regarding the stone designed as “Xisto Fox Côa”, it wishes to develop products with a millenary origin. Their uses will be visible in the activities related to the building area, inner and outdoor spaces’ ornamentation and decoration, quite diverse places designed to be the venue of more or less formal settings and events, hence meeting identified needs in markets for their utilisation.

T.N.: IAPMEI : (Instituto de Apoio às Pequenas e Médias Empresas e à Inovação) a public institute whose mission is to provide some financial and brain support to small and medium sizes businesses, in order to innovate.






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